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Travelling From Jordan to Historical Jerusalem, Israel

Guns, gals and the Jerusalem shuffle!

I had a few misgivings about my route into Israel from Jordan. I had heard that the Allenby Bridge route could be protracted and problematic but as I was already in Amman it seemed like the best idea.

The previous night, at the hotel, I had met a cool Kiwi guy who was also backpacking through the area, there were not that many of us in this troubled land, and we spent the evening cruising around Amman on a “best bar” search. We had tried several real dives before finding the mother load in a faux English pub with regulars that seemed cast from Cheers and not the hookers and heavy lidded bouncers we had so far encountered.

wailing wall

So I guess the early morning start for the shuttle bus to the Jordanian border post was not the best of ideas! We managed to grab a sandwich and a coke from a vendor who showed us the way to the bus, it was very confusing as many vans and buses leave from this part of town.

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