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Carry on Glamping

I was lucky, growing up I had the opportunity to take European holidays to exotic places like Benidorm and Torremolinos in the Costa del Sol. Ah the memories of acres of concrete and unfinished hotels, sweaty bodies, fish and chips and warm English beer. The age of the charter airplane had come into full swing and us Brits were taking to the continent like rats leaving a sinking ship, everywhere we went we demanded England with sun, no foreign food and definitely no garlic!

With families departing the UK for foreign climes the home tourist industry suffered a slump; traditional holiday destinations closed their hotels, shortened their seasons and made do as best as they could. British weather and the lack of assured sunshine meant tough times ahead and no hope of improvement anywhere on the horizon.

Well that has all changed, yes there are very many more low budget airlines about and we still take those holidays abroad but the dreaded credit crunch has insinuated itself into our vacation planning. The British are choosing to stay at home in greater numbers than ever over the last decade and that has meant more pressure on the available accommodations in the more popular resorts and a return to that most basic of vacations….the Camping Holiday!

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24 Hours in London

Samuel Johnson, a great British poet, writer and essayist, once said – “if a man is tired of London then he is tired of life, for there is in London all that life can afford.” He was not wrong, arguably next to New York, London is probably the world’s most exciting city; a teeming cosmopolitan metropolis where anything can be found and a great time can be had by anyone with the right attitude.

With just 24 hours to make the best of our stay we will have to plan carefully and move swiftly, a one day travelcard for use on the buses, tubes and trains should be the first priority. Coming in from Heathrow airport is simple as the airport station is in the tube zone covered by the card, the same applies for Eurostar arrivals. Visitors arriving into Gatwick can get a travelcard included in their ticket into London.

tower bridge

Where to stay in London is easy, quality, on the other hand, is a different matter altogether. Hotels can be expensive and you can end up paying a lot of money for a very mediocre room. Fortunately budget hostels abound with plenty of choice at the lower end, you should use the hostel booking engines to secure your bed ahead of time and good locations are Russell Square, Kensington and the City.

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