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Borders, bribes and bloody hurricanes!

It’s been a proper season for getting caught in storms, mudslides closing the only road to my destination and border guards getting right up my nose!

Let me dial it back a few days to a calm trip down from Cancun to the Cayes is Belize. The weather was looking good, Hurricane Paula had closed the bars overnight but now things were back to normal. A small set of rainstorms off of Panama looked problematic but only the weather channel seemed mildly concerned about another tropical cyclone.

The buses to Belize are currently not allowed to come into Chetumal ADO station (Oct 2010) so to pick one up you must take a taxi to the new market. This is due to the taxi union complaining about not getting enough fares out of the connecting passengers, all normal there then.

I usually have a local guy, George from Get Transfers in Corozal just over the border, pick me up and run me to the small airport for my short flight to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. The Tropic Air flight only takes twenty minutes and it is such great fun flying so low that it is worth the $47.50 USD for that alone.

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Belize it or not? Finding paradise and doing some wicked diving

Many travellers claim to have heard of Belize, a few can even place it on a map. Getting there is another matter altogether. If you are already in Central America it’s not too much of a burden to cross over a border or two but flying in direct is an expensive business. I have a few tips on getting in and out, great places to see on the Northern Cayes and some spectacular scuba diving and snorkelling spots.

Belize, formerly British Honduras, is a wonderful mix of cultures that will delight and amaze you as you pass through the countryside. In this article I am going to stick to two of the main islands, that is Ambergris Caye with its main village/town of San Pedro and the laid back Caye Caulker a few miles further south (in this region Caye is pronounced “key”).

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Quite a few backpackers find themselves in Mexico and a whole bunch of them end up searching for and finding the paradise beaches of the Yucatan; Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. After a while and a good look at the map it appears that Belize, an English speaking country and an anomaly in these parts, lies just to the south and sparks some vague recognition in their minds, thoughts of Mayan temples, white sand beaches, a truly Caribbean feel and unspoilt reefs bubble to the surface.
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