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Costa Rica Beaches and Cloudforest

A true gringo paradise in Central America, Costa Rica prides itself on the richness of its environment; pristine cloudforests, erupting volcanoes, spectacular beaches and adventure pursuits galore. Just one thing…bring money, plenty of money! Okay I am griping but having travelled through some pretty spectacular countryside throughout Central America and enjoyed hospitality at great budget prices it does come as somewhat of a shock to the system when you arrive at “America Lite”.

After enduring what must rank as the slowest border in the world at nearly three hours (admittedly it did take me over three hours to get into Israel once) between Nicaragua and Costa Rica the bus finally made it to Liberia, my jumping off spot for the beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula.

playa tamarindo

I had decided to walk to the bus station to catch my connection to Tamarindo as I wanted to make certain that I had a seat for the two hour trip. Departing on time and ensconced nicely in a window seat to admire the view we exited the not so hectic bus station for the much hyped beaches.
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