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To Copan Ruinas through the magnificent Honduran countryside

Heading to Copan and the ruins from Nicaragua through El Salvador was always going to be a challenge; the borders notably frustrating, the roads long and winding but the unfolding landscape promised to offset those disadvantages in spades.

The reality is that the express buses do the trips between capitals in Central America very well indeed, though not cheaply. They afford a level of security and peace that the local services do not and they tend to ease the passage though immigration which is a big help if you have minimal Spanish.

international buses

I was more in the mood for adventure so my journey began at 6am in the bus station of Leon, Nicaragua crammed into a small minibus to Chinandega on the route to the border with the luggage piled on the roof so more passengers can be squeezed on for the hour long trip. Unfortunately my travel buddy and I had just missed a transfer and had to wait until the bus filled up before we could leave. This put us behind schedule somewhat in our attempt to make it to the Honduran border to the north of San Salvador by nightfall.
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