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Is Montenegro The New Monte Carlo?

I thought about this before travelling to the tiny Balkan country of Montenegro, I had spent a lot of time on the French Riviera and wondered where they got the idea from.

The line comes from the foreign minister referring to the potential of Montenegro to become attractive for the super rich and the wealth that comes with them compared to the faded grandeur of Monte Carlo. So how does it shape up?

I had started my journey down the Adriatic coast from Split in Croatia down to Dubrovnik passing thorough the scruffy bit of coastline that belongs to Bosnia Herzegovina before finally arriving at the border of Montenegro. The trip down the coast could only be made by bus or private car and in the heat of the summer with the tourists in full sway meant the journey was long and tiring.

view onto old town of budva

We passed through customs with little formality, just a stamp on the passport and a rummage through the luggage.

Almost immediately the scenery changed the road moved away from the ribbon of coastline and meandered someway inland before the route opened up onto the fabulous bay of Kotor. Almost an Alpine landscape the steep granite cliffs plunged down into the water giving an impression of a deep fjord.

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