Leon, Nicaragua – A revolutionary destination

The Ticabus and similar services like Transnica are great ways to get around Central America; comparable to the all familiar Greyhound buses of North America they whisk you…..at a modest speed through all of the countries in the region. When it comes to the smaller towns however, they are all but useless and it’s time to grab your pack, hide your wallet and make a dash for the chicken buses and the other inter-locales that ply the highways and byways.

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I was already tired of being cooped up in the bus from San Salvador and knew that I had to make a break sooner or later. Unfortunately I was sitting on the left hand side of the bus and from that angle it was especially difficult to read any town signs to find out exactly where I was at any one time. I managed to get a bead on the main road passing though Esteli in western Nicaragua and knew that I had to get off soon if I was to make the detour to Leon, the hotbed revolutionary town of Nicaragua’s recent past. Getting a bus driver to let you off in the middle of nowhere is easy enough, finding the next bus could prove to be more difficult and with three young female backpackers in tow I was sure we would attract some attention.
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Travel News Roundup Dec 2009

Well it’s been a rough month for some travellers; being stuck in a Eurostar for seventeen hours is no fun and having some joker try to immolate himself on your flight is a downer on Christmas Day. Add some bad parking in Jamaica and it’s a bad show all round. With Globespan going bust many are stranded overseas relying on other operators, already working to maximum capacity, to get them back. Winter blues across the United States means that some of us on the road will miss connections and have to suck up a little pain. Don’t forget to read the article on “7 tips to cope with travel delays” in a previous post for ways to pass the time and make things a little easier.

The holiday season always put a choke hold on room availability however some destinations have had plenty of capacity due to political and environmental issues; Honduras and Mexico for example have good deals and will continue to be good value in the near term. Perhaps with many would be travellers staying at home for the season it may have been a little easier all round.

So what has December brought us? No presents from Santa unfortunately as he is not delivering in the cloud forest but for others this month has had a few ups and downs.
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