Trip planning guerilla style

Four tips to get you on the road; sharper, lighter and faster

I will bet you have seen, at some point in your travels or even at home, a weary backpacker stumbling along with a huge pack on their back and possibly at times a large daypack on the front too. Balanced like an unsteady turtle, ready to fall over and lie incapable on the ground these poor folk need some help.

I am not suggesting you help to carry their luggage but relieve them of some, in the nicest possible way of course.

I am guilty myself sometimes of over packing the case or worrying about excess baggage costs, taking too many shoes or guidebooks. More weight generally means more stress and more bags more to lose although luggage is just one of the items to cut back on.

A good holiday or adventure trip needs proper planning; that doesn’t mean we throw everything we could possibly need in our bags or take all the credit cards we have. If several countries are involved the guidebooks alone can weigh a ton and what about medicines and toiletries? The list goes on and on. I have put together a few ideas and tips to trim at least some of the fat from our burden and hopefully allow more time and energy to enjoy the well earned vacation.
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Look at them now – How iconic hippie hangouts have changed

The sixties and seventies were arguably the golden age of travel for backpacking vagabonds, hippies and soul searchers. I can remember stories about the overland trail to Kathmandu that fascinated me with their richness and mystery. Istanbul was spoken of in hushed tones by the knowledgeable and the Magic Bus seemed truly ……well magic.

As a teenager I thumbed through an old travel agents guide, ABC I think it was called, that resembled the CIA fact book that we see online now. I had planned my round the world trip several times over and was already, in my imagination, sipping tea in some far flung destination watching the day unfold over my copy of Le Monde.

The Far East was truly the ends of the Earth; India, as a Brit, seemed more accessible but remained undeniably enticing. I was still too young to travel and soon the world would move to make some of these romantically ideal places off limits and change the game and the innocence we once had.
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