Dominican Republic: Last minute first glance

Travelling at the last minute can be stressful, there are many things to think about and getting all your ducks in a row can be problematic, remembering to turn off the gas may be the least of your worries. For excitement and adventure however, it is a great way to travel; not knowing your final destination until just a few hours before gives a totally different tension to the normal pre travel concerns.

I knew I was going to leave these last few days and potential destinations ranged from the extremes of Northern Scandinavia to the deserts of Arabia. As it turned out the best flight deal by far for my travel dollar was to be Punta Cana, the all inclusive destination, par excellence, of the Dominican Republic or DR as it is frequently referred to. A destination so imbued with the closed resort mentality I had not seriously considered it for independent travel before.

well maintained guagua

I had booked the ticket from London at an incredible bargain price of $300 USD (including tax and baggage) just sixteen hours before takeoff and scrambled to find a guidebook and some idea of where I should end up on the first night at least. In these situations the Internet is a must have resource. Trawling forums such as the Thorntree and DR1 I was able to latch on to the small village of Bayahibe as my primary focus for the first few nights. It seemed more tuned to independent travellers and looked to have a relaxed, laid back beach vibe as I could hope to find on short notice.
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