Five ways to get your travel mojo

Hit the road Jack, or Jackie of course!

I recently received an email from a friend in Australia. She was coming to the end of her thesis and was ready to get back in the saddle and do some travelling. She wanted some different advice to the normal guidebook stuff and asked me to suggest five places in the world that she might find stimulating, exciting or worthwhile to discover; with a caveat that it should not be all hedonistic as she wanted to put something back into the world on her path through it.

At first glance I thought this is easy, however with so many possibilities it soon became hard to ditch one idea for another, which of course was the reason for her asking me in the first place I guess. A balance between doing the circuit and stretching yourself can be a little or as great as takes your fancy but here are the five ideas I suggested to her.

1. Czech Republic.
For a “New-Worlder” this is the epitome of Old Europe, stunning architecture coupled with a tenacious hold on providing some of the coldest and often cheapest beers around! I jest of course; there is more to the Czech Republic than pilsner and podiums. It has set itself up as one of the foremost places to take a TEFL (or similar) certificate in teaching English as a foreign language, a perfect addition to any self respecting world traveller hoping to add to their travel budget.

Although the European Union has swallowed it whole the country still retains its robust nature and offers even the jaded traveller a few jewels and memorable adventures. Just step out of the city and explore the countryside, go camping and avoid the crowds, stop in small villages or sample the wines in eccentric bohemian Melnik.

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