Seven Things I hate about travellers

I ramble on quite often about the great times on the road, the wonderful people I have met and the stunning scenery. There is a downside to travel; frustration and annoyance are unwelcome bedfellows on this wonderful journey and sometimes you just want to scream! Phew I feel better already. So here is my short list of pet peeves, I am sure you have your own so feel free to let me know.

Too Cool

Yes I know it’s hip to be travelling, where everything is fresh and you feel that you and your group/buddies are the coolest but for heaven’s sake lighten up! Talk to other travellers that are not in your little world and experience the beauty of conversation with a different mindset. How many times do I see backpackers in hostels ignore others that do not fit their stereotypes? Not all young travellers are drugged up ravers (well quite a lot) and not every grey haired knobbly kneed are senile. We are all on this journey together so smile more and enjoy the ride.
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February blues? Head to Andalucía in Spain for some sun and sangria

It’s tough, just after the festive season, the feel good factor of giving and receiving has receded out of sight and the long wait for the January pay packet has come and gone. Winter is still gripping tightly to the north and the grey skies are a sullen reminder that spring is yet to have sprung.

All is not lost however, the recess before Easter brings some great bargain flights; provided that you steer clear of half term price hike. Although warm weather destinations can be difficult to find in advance, last minute shopping for flights has the added advantage of knowing the current temperatures before booking your escape.

North Africa is much in the news right now with travel to Egypt and Morocco somewhat dilated. For a touch of the Moorish style without a Molotov cocktail thrown in for luck Andalucía touts itself as a calm port in the storm of unrest.

reception at picasso's corner
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